Irish Stand-Up Comedian Aidan Killian Was Denied Access To His Flight Home – He Has Arranged A Chat With Irish Immunologist Prof. Dolores Cahill

This is an excellent instructional video. They are requiring private medical information and coercing him in to a medical procedure. We have inalienable rights of bodily integrity and privacy rights in asking for health his information. It’s like demanding your HIV status to travel or TB status. This is private Continue Reading

labs are complicit in murder

Test lab: “This specimen tests positive. The patient is infected with SARS-CoV-2.”Patient: “Wait. How did you run the test? With how many cycles?”Test lab: “That information is proprietary. You have no right to know.”Patient: “Really? The number of cycles can determine the outcome. Change that number, and ‘infected’ becomes ‘healthy’.”Test lab: “We know what we’re doing.”Patient: Continue Reading

Cotton Swab PCR Tests Secretly Injecting Vaccines to Combat “Vaccine Hesitancy”?

Source: Concern is growing that an innovative nanotech device developed at Johns Hopkins University may be used to secretly deliver the COVID19 vaccine to those people who are “vaccine hesitant.” Certainly, the technology is real, but is their any merit to such a claim? Patrick Smith (November 25, 2020) Continue Reading