final solution I mean final hurdle – bill gates

He (Bill) went on to blame the politicians for failing to respond to the pandemic properly and called the country’s handling of the outbreak “embarrassing” compared to other countries.

  • Many people refuse to wear masks and
  • don’t follow the social distancing guidelines because of what politicians say about the effectiveness.

The above two points are not science Mr Bill G and you are aware of that. It is called Pseudo science. Can you remind me of who elected you and where you studied science? (did you ever graduate?) I forgot to ask if the vaccine will be completely safe and what will be it? Oh and why do we need it again if statistically its is barely a flu and we all know how effective the flu vaccine is don’t we? Also can you show us the peer reviewed and published papers about SARS Cov1 and 2? Should be on the CDC site right? Only they are not there are they? They are no-where. Also please define eugenics.


vaccinations contain poison

Prove to me they do not because tests prove they do. Show me the studies! You think I am happy? For most of my life I was an advocate of vaccines and had an unshakeable belief in them. Then I just opened my eyes and found out what they have in them and asked myself why? Why do we need mercury the most toxic element to human beings? Do you know what it does?

gates anti christ

Could Billy G be the anti- Christ? He is laughing at the world by making a law with 6666. Here is the kicker. He did this many months before the covid-19 pandemic. How is that possible? Seriously why do people not see the obvious? Perhaps it is my problem and I am in delusion however there is so much information that it cannot be my personal fantasy but reality.

We need to wake up from our slumber. I slept in today and it felt so good. But I will have to deal with the reality soon and if I just stay asleep things will not change.

bill the hero day!

Announcing #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action

On June 13, 2020


Announcing #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action on June 13, 2020 from Activist Post

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Announcing #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action on June 13, 2020

WHAT: A non-partisan coalition of alternative media organizations and activist groups are calling for a Global Day of Action to #ExposeBillGates and his control agenda.

In the first few months of 2020, billionaire Bill Gates has been promoted as the savior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although he is lauded as a hero Gates has been a force of disruption and shaky science. The truth is Bill Gates hides a darker agenda.

Gates has made numerous media appearances calling for extended lock downs, contact tracing surveillance, digital certificates to travel and work, and announced his intention to vaccinate 7 billion people. Gates’ family also has ties to discredited eugenics science and believes billionaires like him should help reduce the world’s population. (For those who might be new to this information we recommend watching The Bill Gates documentary series from The Corbett Report and/or reading The Bill Gates investigation from The Last American Vagabond.)

It’s time to #ExposeBillGates and expose his agenda. Together we can shine the light on Gates’ true intentions and change the course of humanity.

WHEN: Join us on Saturday June 13, 2020 as we spread the word about Bill Gates’ agenda. We encourage everyone interested to organize and host documentary screenings, share articles, pass out flyers, drop banners, and share on social media using the hashtag #ExposeBillGates. We encourage everyone to share accurate and credible information about Gates’ goals. This is a non-partisan event and activists from all sides of the political spectrum are welcome.

To help spread the word about #ExposeBillGates Day please use this make this image your profile pic on all social media accounts.

#ExposeBillGates Day is being organized by The Conscious Resistance NetworkThe Corbett ReportThe Last American Vagabond, Activist PostThe Free Thought ProjectThe Anti Media, and We Are Change. If you represent an alternative/independent media channel or website and would like to be involved please get in touch.

CONTACT: Derrick Broze /