5G fears

July 2, 2020 godfrey 0

Cities AND countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit 5G installation as well as issue moratoriums due to severe health and safety […]


June 18, 2020 godfrey 0

Our body cannot understand environmental stressors such as chemical and EMF so it reacts in ways we do not expect – disease. There is not […]

ignoring the science

June 17, 2020 godfrey 0

Many epidemiologists are ignoring the science regarding the affects of EMF and cell tower radiation etc Scientists do not all agree on everything but focus […]


June 17, 2020 godfrey 0

Could the constant bombardment of EMF lead to significant physiological heath issues? (Suicide rate of dramatically increased across the USA over the last 2 decades.) […]

wireless therapy

June 16, 2020 godfrey 0

Study related to from very high to low EMF. This is a very complex area of study and far more controversial than other areas as […]