the gatesy bunch

It’s a story of man made virus That was living in Wuhan lab all alone Until one day Gill met its mother And told us all we needed a vaccine The Gatesy Bunch the Gatesy Bunch That’s the way we become the Gatesy bunch!

mandatory vaccine is just plain B.S

My Note: I am aware that new people here might think I am a right winger anti vaxxer but the truth is I am angry at myself as I bought the BS my whole life. Both for myself and the kids. That makes me feel like a chump. I trusted the academic and medical system…

infectious princess

The Ruby Princess seems like the source of the outbreak in Tasmania Australia.

something smells like..

Imaginary virus of fear. The virus cannot jump 6 feet so social isolation is not needed. 5G exacerbates this issue. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has abused Dr Buttar but he refuses to attack him because much of what he says supports the overall cause however he has challenged him for a debate. Dr Buttar’s son lost…

swedish say lock down does not make scientific sense

Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government. Why do we need to collapse the economy? Sweden choose a completely different path. Now frenzy and fear has taken over. (My view) Models are based on assumptions and there are no published and peer reviewed papers for the model…

get it again?

No. Please no. Surely you cannot get it again. Listen to this Dr of pathology and get his take on this whole bizarre epidemic.

wear a mask?

This video disagrees with our beloved ABC (that take 1 billion tax payer funds and are clearly left wing – yes Sky News is right leaning but at least I can find some some real news – cough cough) Authorities tell us that blogs like this are not real news and to to ignore them…

cambridge working on new vaccine

This is not another flu virus and yes it came from a bat. (for those who say it came from Italy – ever seen an Italian eat a bat?) This research could have far reaching outcomes. SARS was also from a specific bat in China. This virus is related to it genetically.