the genghis khan agenda – covid-19

Genghis would have been part of the global elite and Gill Gates best mate! Gill is doing the same thing but just not as obvious. Think about it. What is the sustainable definition? 95% depopulation of the world. (agenda 21)

“His empire lasted a century and a half and eventually covered nearly a quarter of the earth’s surface. His murderous Mongol armies were responsible for the massacre of as many as 40 million people. Even today, his name remains a byword for brutality and terror. But boy, was Genghis green.

Genghis Khan, in fact, may have been not just the greatest warrior but the greatest eco-warrior of all time, according to a study by the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Energy. It has concluded that the 13th-century Mongol leader’s bloody advance, laying waste to vast swaths of territory and wiping out entire civilisations en route, may have scrubbed 700m tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere – roughly the quantity of carbon dioxide generated in a year through global petrol consumption – by allowing previously populated and cultivated land to return to carbon-absorbing forest.

An intriguing notion, certainly. But possibly not a guaranteed vote-winner for the Green party’s next manifesto.”

sustainable monument


final solution I mean final hurdle – bill gates

He (Bill) went on to blame the politicians for failing to respond to the pandemic properly and called the country’s handling of the outbreak “embarrassing” compared to other countries.

  • Many people refuse to wear masks and
  • don’t follow the social distancing guidelines because of what politicians say about the effectiveness.

The above two points are not science Mr Bill G and you are aware of that. It is called Pseudo science. Can you remind me of who elected you and where you studied science? (did you ever graduate?) I forgot to ask if the vaccine will be completely safe and what will be it? Oh and why do we need it again if statistically its is barely a flu and we all know how effective the flu vaccine is don’t we? Also can you show us the peer reviewed and published papers about SARS Cov1 and 2? Should be on the CDC site right? Only they are not there are they? They are no-where. Also please define eugenics.

bill wants to test vaccine in africa

Bills Bribes

“..The President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina has called on all African Nations to quit the World Health Organization World Health Organization (WHO)World Health Organization (WHO)World Health Organization (WHO) because of the bad faith of Europe towards Africa.

The Malagasy president says, Europe created organizations with the desire for Africans to remain dependent on them. Africa has found a medicine against Coronavirus but Europe thinks they have a monopoly of intelligence as such they are refusing to acknowledge it. It is against this backdrop that I invite all African Nations to quit the international organizations in order for us to build ours.

My country Madagascar leaves all the organizations tonight and I call on other African Nations to do same.”

Tanzania kicked out WHO after Goat & Papaya samples came COVID-19 Positive. Burundi also kicked out entire WHO Coronavirus Team from country for interference in internal matters. Madagascar says WHO offered $20m bribe2poison COVID-19 cure. Madagascar withdraws from WHO and ask all other African nations to do so also! Herbal cures not Bill Gates/Rockerfeller/Fauci/Farmer foul vaccines!

WHO Offered $20M Bribe To Poison COVID-19 Cure - Madagascar President

Bill Gates Agenda In India Exposed By Robert Kennedy Jr

By GreatGameIndia – April 13, 2020 | Last modified on May 12th, 2020 at 4:41 pm,

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of former American President John F. Kennedy, in a lengthy piece exposed Bill Gates agenda in India and his “obsession with vaccines”. Interestingly, as GreatGameIndia readers may recall, Jr Kennedy’s message come days after Robert Kennedy’s grand-daughter and her son were found dead in suspicious circumstances. Almost as if sounding a warning to the impending tragedy on the Kennedy family, legendary American singer Bob Dylan came out of a decade-long isolation to revive JFK murder mystery with a cryptic single.

UPDATE: A month later, based on an intercepted human intelligence report, a controversy erupted in Nigeria whereby it was revealed that Bill Gates offered $10 million bribe for a forced vaccination program for Coronavirus to the Nigerian House of Representatives.

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vaccinations contain poison

Prove to me they do not because tests prove they do. Show me the studies! You think I am happy? For most of my life I was an advocate of vaccines and had an unshakeable belief in them. Then I just opened my eyes and found out what they have in them and asked myself why? Why do we need mercury the most toxic element to human beings? Do you know what it does?

notes for the future

Ok there has been significant speculation about the meaning of the pandemic and its actual purpose. I have listened to many sides of the arguments and theories and have my own for scrapbook. I could be completely wrong so everyone should always do their research. There are so many pieces in play so outcomes or ways of achieving them are fluid as you would expect. When you are attempting to manipulate on such as vast scale nothing is ever guaranteed. (I have no experience with this so this is pure speculation and a generous dose of imagination)

The most visible person seems to be Gill or Bill Gates. But I doubt he is main man as they are or that person is hiding the in the wings. AKA – Anti Christ? Yes there will be front man. Someone charismatic and likable who will be pushed out in front of world but he might not be the man pulling the strings. More than likely it will be a group of people headed by someone who prefers to remain anonymous to anyone outside the immediate circle. From that small group various “departments” will be controlled filtering through regions of the world.

The steering group behind the curtain will be a culmination of numerous secret organisations and societies that have worked towards the goal for centuries. Perhaps they thought they could achieve their goals in the past but what they lacked was the means to filter information at a significant scale and capacity. That is why wireless technology has been pushed to hard as soon as they realized its potential. AKA – Starlink which by the way launched yet another barrage of satellites yesterday of which we have no control unless we shoot them down. (Good luck with that)

Now all the major pieces are in play –

  1. Control – Internet-of-Things – every device connected.
    • Implant – The vaccine is probably not the implant as nano tech is still behind unless (they are holding back decades of advancements)
    • Political – UK, Europe etc. USA is still a pain in the proverbial with the “United Nations” due to the pesky constitution. Other nations will probably fall in to line over the next decade. China is the prototype for testing the best way to achieve maximum control because the government does not have to worry about any human rights.
    • Information – Massive clamping down of what information can and cannot be released for general consumption and is deemed safe for the populous. Huge tech companies are now overtly controlling the flow of social media.
    • Food – An attempt will be made within this generation (as is now) to absorb more of the way we produce food. Control of primary industry will go out of the small farmers hands and into massive centrally owned companies.
    • Energy – For well over hundred years the primary energy has been oil, gas and coal. This is a tough one as so much money is involved but going by what I have heard a new alternative technology might just be around the corner that is patented by guess who? Fusion reactors are apparently 25 years away.
  2. Technology – A follow on from the above.
    • 5G – Needed for capacity if massive amount of additional devices and to exercise the control mechanisms which will be ultimately implanted in all humans. All evidence will be ignored until it is too late and numerous health issues will be causes and that is where point 3 falls in to place quite nicely.
    • A.I – Google, Amazon and others are working ferociously on new A.I technology that can take basic tasks out of our hands and into the hands of non-elected authorities that governments outsource to for the good of all humanity.
  3. Health – NGOs – the WHO, CDC, NHA (UK) – The WHO is backed by non-elected officials who are funded by the very group who will steer the world government’s health agenda to promotes vaccines and toxic chemicals to solve all of the problems they meticulously caused in the first place heralding themselves at saviors and financially support trillionaires that own these massive conglomerates.

chook poop

Now the pigs, chooks and even minks are crook! The first wave was not scary enough so they needed to invent a better branded scare campaign. All of the animals are no longer sanctioned to eat because they could spread the virus. Could this is because of a push for us to purchase these products from authorised and safe source? Gill (Bill Gates) is pushing for GMO meats.

We have not seen this in Oz yet and officially there is no evidence that animals can get the virus on government websites. (As people ask their vets here) An abattoir was shutdown temporarily but there is no substantial news of this in Australia that I could find. Our country is uniquely structured with a very strong farming sector. But lets see how it gets dismantled.

Cell cultured meat

The video quotes many issues including antibiotics as a reason to research meat labs but industry bodies themselves introduced this problem originally. Isn’t it funny how we accept solutions from bodies who originally created the very scenario? So why would we trust them again? There are a lot of questions left unanswered but how has that ever stopped anyone based on historical facts? Oh, we should regulate cell cultured meat but who will oversee it? (Governments yes! That is a great idea because they have never lied and are not open to corruption and mistakes hey?)

Meanwhile Bill and the Virgin are getting in on the act. Could there be any link between food shortages caused by a statistically false pandemic, a world meat shortage and these billionaires getting involved? Absolutely no! What possible reason would they have? They are our saviours!

gates anti christ

Could Billy G be the anti- Christ? He is laughing at the world by making a law with 6666. Here is the kicker. He did this many months before the covid-19 pandemic. How is that possible? Seriously why do people not see the obvious? Perhaps it is my problem and I am in delusion however there is so much information that it cannot be my personal fantasy but reality.

We need to wake up from our slumber. I slept in today and it felt so good. But I will have to deal with the reality soon and if I just stay asleep things will not change.

welcome to romper room


I see Bill and Anthony and Chris and the horny professor…


Oxitec, a biotech company funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is moving to release genetically modified mosquitoes on Florida and Texas this summer. They’re touting mosquitoes as the “new syringe” to turn bloodsucking insects into “flying vaccinators.” But as shocking as this information seems, it’s just the latest in a long string of astonishing revelations that expose the seemingly limitless power and influence enjoyed by a man obsessed with population control.


Judges demand answers after children die in controversial cancer vaccine trial in India 

  • Tribal girls were given shots of cervical cancer vaccines during trial
  • Children given Merck’s Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines
  • Petitioners also asked judges to investigate trials of new drug Gardasil 9
  • Drug has allegedly caused side-effects in children as young as nine
  • Investigation claims children were used as unwitting human guinea pigs
  • Supreme Court has given the government one month to provide answers

By Gethin Chamberlain In Indore, India, For Mailonline