WE ARE DONE BEING COMPLIANT The #Idonotcomply Campaign is a grassroots, global movement. It is a campaign committed to opposing the tyrannical Covid-19 regulations and mandates that seek to remake our societies and strip us of our freedoms. It is a pledge and an oath of resistance. We hereby declare that WE ARE DONE BEING COMPLIANT. We are done being silent. This group is here to encourage and support all those who are willing to stand up and resist tyrannical, unconstitutional orders. We will not comply with authoritarian polices such as lock-downs, mandatory masks and the quarantine of healthy people. We will no longer allow government officials to determine which businesses and individuals are “essential” and which are “nonessential”. We will not comply with mandatory vaccines or any order that infringes upon our medical freedom. We are hereby standing up to stop governments from destroying: Our small businesses; Our medical autonomy; Our access to healthcare; Our right to assemble; Our right to worship; Our privacy rights; Our mental health & well being, We reject the “new normal” of “social distancing”. We reject calls from elected officials to report our neighbors for not following draconian laws. We will not treat our neighbors and fellow citizens with suspicion and distrust. We will not allow our children to be indoctrinated into a cult of fear. We are done accepting policies that are devoid of scientifically accurate data destroy our countries and ruin our lives. WE ARE DONE BEING COMPLIANT. Today and every day forward we will fight with every resource available to us until we have reclaimed our lives and rights from the hands of political tyrants. When it comes to unconstitutional, authoritarian regulations be brave and speak out with four simple words. I DO NOT COMPLY