rise of a.i

Artificial intelligence is on the rise

By Paul Budde

Sophia the robot in 2017 (image by ITU Pictures from Geneva, Switzerland: AI for GOOD Global Summit via Wikimedia Commons)

New developments and opportunities are opening up in artificial intelligence, says Paul Budde.

I RECENTLY followed a “lunch box lecture”, organised by the University of Sydney. In the talk, Professor Zdenka Kuncic explored the very topical issue of artificial intelligence.

The world is infatuated with artificial intelligence (AI), and understandably so, given its super-human ability to find patterns in big data as we all notice when using Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay and so on. But the so-called “general intelligence” that humans possess remains elusive for AI.

Interestingly, Professor Kuncic approached this topic from a physics perspective. By viewing the brain’s neural network as a physical hardware system, rather than the algorithm-based software as for example AI-based research used in social media.

Her approach reveals clues that suggest the underlying nature of intelligence is physical.

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Basically, what this means is that a software-based system will require ongoing input from software specialists to make updates based on new developments. Her approach, however, is to look at a physical system based on nanotechnology and use these networks as self-learning systems, where human intervention is no longer required.

Imagine the implications of the communications technologies that are on the horizon, where basically billions of sensors and devices will be connected to networks.

The data from these devices need to be processed in real-time and dynamic decisions will have to be made without human intervention. The driverless car is, of course, a classic example of such an application.

The technology needed to make such a system work will have to be based on edge technology in the device out there in the field. It is not going to work – in any scaled-up situation – if the data from these devices will first have to be sent to the cloud for processing.

Nano networks are a possible solution for such situations. A nanonetwork or nanoscale network is a set of interconnected nanomachines (devices a few hundred nanometers or a few micrometres at most in size), which at the moment can perform only very simple tasks such as computing, data storing, sensing and actuation.

Robot divers could use artificial intelligence to save coral reefs. Learn more here: https://t.co/cIn9Aju7hf pic.twitter.com/wXoaLsmQrT

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However, Professor Kuncik expects that new developments will see expanded capabilities of single nanomachines both in terms of complexity and range of operation by allowing them to coordinate, share and fuse information.

Professor Kuncik concentrates, in her work, on electromagnetics for communication in the nanoscale.

This is commonly defined as the ‘transmission and reception of electromagnetic radiation from components based on novel nanomaterials’.

Professor Kuncik mentioned this technology was still in its infancy. She was very upbeat about the future, based on the results of recent research and international collaboration. Advancements in carbon and molecular electronics have opened the door to a new generation of electronic nanoscale components such as nanobatteries, nanoscale energy harvesting systems, nano-memories, logical circuitry in the nanoscale and even nano-antennas.

From a communication perspective, the unique properties observed in nanomaterials will decide on the specific bandwidths for the emission of electromagnetic radiation, the time lag of the emission, or the magnitude of the emitted power for input energy.

The researchers are looking at the output of these nanonetworks rather than the input. The process is analogue rather than digital. In other words, the potential output provides a range of possible choices, rather than one (digital) outcome.

The trick is to understand what choices are made in a nanonetwork and why.

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There are two main alternatives for electromagnetic communication in the nanoscale – the one as pursued by Professor Kuncik – the other one being based on molecular communication.

Nanotechnology could have an enormous impact on for example the future of 5G. If nanotechnology can be included in the various Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and devices than this will open an enormous amount of new applications.

It has been experimentally demonstrated that is possible to receive and demodulate an electromagnetic wave by means of a nano radio.

Second, graphene-based nano-antennas have been analysed as potential electromagnetic radiators in the terahertz band.

Once these technologies are further developed and commercialised, we can see a revolution in edge-computing.

The benefits and risks of AI and post-human life : Philosophers involved in the theories of post-humanism and transhumanism are captivated by the possibilities, or dangers, that the future poses to our understanding of human life … https://t.co/lWqf44Omw8

— Philosophy Matters (@PhilosophyMttrs) April 22, 2020

Paul Budde is an Independent Australia columnist and managing director of Paul Budde Consulting, an independent telecommunications research and consultancy organisation. You can follow Paul on Twitter @PaulBudde.

Digital infrastructure in post-pandemic era should be left to experts, not politicians – Means a close collaboration between Private and Public Parties in needed.@paulbudde, Paul Budde Consulting, thank you for your constructive…https://t.co/9nbc0SU2zw https://t.co/Ict0XxzBG3

— Dr. David Soldani (@DrDavidSoldani) May 15, 2020


Diagnosis of “COVID19” does not mean that the patient has SARSCov2 Virus

June 18, 2020 By Judy Wilyman PhD

Recently we have seen a serious outbreak of disease in some countries (not a global pandemic) in 2020 and the cause of this disease needs to be properly investigated. There are 2 facts that need to be publicised about the disease that is being called ‘COVID19’:

  1. The new mutated coronavirus 2019 that is being called “SARSCov2” has not been identified in every case or death that is being diagnosed as a COVID19. This is because clinical diagnosis (flu-like symptoms only) is being used in most cases to diagnose ‘COVID19’ and the laboratory tests that are being done cannot  identify the natural SARSCov2 virus – only the generic coronavirus sequences that we are all exposed to every year and many of us will be positive if tested. So we do not have transparent statistics on the cause of this outbreak of disease or the true number of deaths due to the new mutated coronavirus. All of these deaths have co-morbidities that are hidden in the media statistics.
  2. A serious outbreak of disease in some countries is not a basis for declaring that a new mutated coronavirus could result in a ‘global pandemic’. This idea is based on the false premise that a virus always causes disease in the person that it infects and that it will cause serious disease in all countries. The fact that environmental and lifestyle factors play a role in the expression of ‘disease’ (asymptomatic, mild, serious or death) was not factored into the generic ‘prediction contagion model that was used by the private sector to advise all countries of a ‘global pandemic’ with wildly exaggerated statistics on the deaths. Declaring a pandemic would result in countries giving their sovereignty to an outside organisation (under the WHO/GAVI International Health Regulations) whose corporate vested interests are not the same as the public’s interest in health.


Psychopathic traits linked to non-compliance with social distancing

Source: psypost.org

New research provides some initial evidence that certain antagonistic personality traits are associated with ignoring preventative measures meant to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The study has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science. It is currently available on the PsyArXiv preprint website.

“On March 31, 2020, Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the U.S. government’s Coronavirus Task Force, said, ‘There’s no magic bullet. There’s no magic vaccine or therapy. It’s just behaviors. Each of our behaviors, translating into something that changes the course of this viral pandemic over the next 30 days.’ My experience as a psychological scientist as well as a practicing psychologist has convinced me that the importance of psychology and behavior in the prevention and management of a wide range of health problems is enormous,” said study author Pavel S. Blagov, an associate professor and director of the Personality Laboratory at Whitman College.

OK so let’s backtrack a little bit.

  1. Social distancing has no basis in science – you will find an abundance of information about this.
  2. The Professor whose advice the UK and Australia followed completely flaunted the rules – His views have been proven to be absolutely garbage again and again so is he a psychopath?

Therefore psychopaths are telling people who do not agree with unscientific rules and the violation of their rights that they are psychopaths!

But wait there is more. The virus is a dud and hardly worse than the flu. So do we lock down for the flu each year and observe unscientific social distancing?

notes for the future

Ok there has been significant speculation about the meaning of the pandemic and its actual purpose. I have listened to many sides of the arguments and theories and have my own for scrapbook. I could be completely wrong so everyone should always do their research. There are so many pieces in play so outcomes or ways of achieving them are fluid as you would expect. When you are attempting to manipulate on such as vast scale nothing is ever guaranteed. (I have no experience with this so this is pure speculation and a generous dose of imagination)

The most visible person seems to be Gill or Bill Gates. But I doubt he is main man as they are or that person is hiding the in the wings. AKA – Anti Christ? Yes there will be front man. Someone charismatic and likable who will be pushed out in front of world but he might not be the man pulling the strings. More than likely it will be a group of people headed by someone who prefers to remain anonymous to anyone outside the immediate circle. From that small group various “departments” will be controlled filtering through regions of the world.

The steering group behind the curtain will be a culmination of numerous secret organisations and societies that have worked towards the goal for centuries. Perhaps they thought they could achieve their goals in the past but what they lacked was the means to filter information at a significant scale and capacity. That is why wireless technology has been pushed to hard as soon as they realized its potential. AKA – Starlink which by the way launched yet another barrage of satellites yesterday of which we have no control unless we shoot them down. (Good luck with that)

Now all the major pieces are in play –

  1. Control – Internet-of-Things – every device connected.
    • Implant – The vaccine is probably not the implant as nano tech is still behind unless (they are holding back decades of advancements)
    • Political – UK, Europe etc. USA is still a pain in the proverbial with the “United Nations” due to the pesky constitution. Other nations will probably fall in to line over the next decade. China is the prototype for testing the best way to achieve maximum control because the government does not have to worry about any human rights.
    • Information – Massive clamping down of what information can and cannot be released for general consumption and is deemed safe for the populous. Huge tech companies are now overtly controlling the flow of social media.
    • Food – An attempt will be made within this generation (as is now) to absorb more of the way we produce food. Control of primary industry will go out of the small farmers hands and into massive centrally owned companies.
    • Energy – For well over hundred years the primary energy has been oil, gas and coal. This is a tough one as so much money is involved but going by what I have heard a new alternative technology might just be around the corner that is patented by guess who? Fusion reactors are apparently 25 years away.
  2. Technology – A follow on from the above.
    • 5G – Needed for capacity if massive amount of additional devices and to exercise the control mechanisms which will be ultimately implanted in all humans. All evidence will be ignored until it is too late and numerous health issues will be causes and that is where point 3 falls in to place quite nicely.
    • A.I – Google, Amazon and others are working ferociously on new A.I technology that can take basic tasks out of our hands and into the hands of non-elected authorities that governments outsource to for the good of all humanity.
  3. Health – NGOs – the WHO, CDC, NHA (UK) – The WHO is backed by non-elected officials who are funded by the very group who will steer the world government’s health agenda to promotes vaccines and toxic chemicals to solve all of the problems they meticulously caused in the first place heralding themselves at saviors and financially support trillionaires that own these massive conglomerates.

code words

There are catch phrases and code words that just mean – Technocracy and control.

  • Sustainable development
  • Criteria – 1 – energy management, 2. Surveillance of everything
  • Technology has matured since 1973 when this concept really began in earnest.
  • The body of technology is fulfilling the vision of technocracy – weaponizing it against us
  • 5G is not about cells phone speed!
  • Internet of things – light it up – allow data collection in real time.
  • Latency is the massive winner with 5G – 1 millisecond or less – real time.
  • A.I will be waiting to extract the information and analyze it.
  • Look who is receiving the data – follow the data – it is the new oil. (Example – Google)
  • Implementation of smart cities and monitoring in real time.

Deepest Concerns

  • It is about social control
  • We know what is best for you, trust us!
  • This is not by mistake but design.
  • Social credit systems with bio-metric data waiting to implement solutions to those who will not comply
  • A.I for pre-crime is becoming a reality.
  • Identify people in real time (software) sold to police departments.
  • Predict who might commit a crime with a 90% estimated accuracy but what about the 10% who are wrongly arrested?
  • There are inherent risks like bias against the 10% who are innocent. (meanwhile their life could be ruined)

Smart Regions

  • Get data/information out of the city – a data pump.
  • Too many councils protecting their citizens – a barrier to technocracy
  • “The Smart Region Initiative” – A form of regional government that control multiple cities. (without any consent from the cities or elected officials)
  • Run by a academic consortium and non-profit organizations who are also not elected.
  • That gives the “initiative” perceived authority.
  • Cell companies can just implement their technology with once foul swoop rather then city by city.

Trans-humans are best suited to a Technocracy – They can self evolve using science and create humanity 2.0 (It essentially a religion – Scientism – no morals just science)

techno takeover with the pied piper

No its not a new music from the 80’s! (you like that?) I am talking about the big synth here being used used like the pied pipers instrument to lead the good little mice away. (actually saw that in Hamelin )

I saw that 60 minutes made a “documentary” on the evil conspiracy theorists that have come out of the wood work like the proverbial white ant. (yes that is so true…not – as many independent journalists have been around for decades and are now getting some traction as people wake up)

They were once called investigative reporters but are now labelled you-know-what!

This video is a a good summary.

The new order?

you robot

“During the time of US slavery, slaves as collateral could not be “perfected” since if they escaped there was no guaranteed way to “collect” them as collateral, if/when they were used as such. However, with the technology that has been/is being developed, especially injectable technology, we humans, if used as “collateral” (aka slaves), can/will now be tracked and traced, hence, perfected.” Wanderer


Source: COVID-19 Vaccine Will Likely Be Given Multiple Times, Perhaps Annually

In an interview with the JAMAon June 2, 2020, Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) said that while he was “cautiously optimistic” about the effectiveness of the vaccines being developed for COVID-19, he was concerned that any protection the vaccines may provide might only be temporary. “If you look at the duration of protection when you recover from one of the several benign coronaviruses that cause the common cold, the durability of infection is only measured in a year or less as opposed to the other infections where you can get 15 to 20 years of protection,” Dr. Fauci said.

Fauci and others developing or promoting COVID-19 vaccination are talking about the likelihood that the new coronavirus vaccine will have to be administered in multiple doses, perhaps even annually like the influenza vaccine.

There are more than 100 research programs around the world working on candidate vaccines for COVID-19, including 10 that have reached the clinical evaluation stage, either phase 1 or phase 2. Among these are programs led by Western pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca plc (in partnership with the University of Oxford);  BioNTech SE partnered with Pfizer, Inc.; Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Moderna, Inc. (in partnership with NIAID) and Novavax, Inc. Another 123 programs to develop a COVID-19 vaccine remain in preclinical evaluation.

Doubts About Coronavirus Vaccine Long Term Effectiveness

According to Dr. Fauci, “It is still not clear which vaccine will be effective.” He believes that the phase 3 randomized, placebo-controlled trials involving thousands of people will provide the data needed to better evaluate the potential effectiveness of the candidate vaccines. The messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine being fast tracked to licensure by Moderna, Inc., which is funded not only by NIAID but also by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) and half a billion dollars from the federal Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), as well as the AstraZeneca/Oxford coronavirus vaccine development programs are scheduled to proceed to phase 3 trials later this summer.

“The real business end of this all will be the phase 3 that starts in the first week of July, hopefully. We want to get as many data points as we can,” Dr. Fauci said. “I’m cautiously optimistic that with the multiple candidates we have with different platforms, that we’re going to have a vaccine that shows a degree of efficacy that will make it deployable.” Dr. Fauci’s said he is less worried about whether someone would get a “protective response” from a COVID-19 vaccine than he is about the “durability” of that response.

Vaccinologist Greg Poland, MD of the Mayo Clinic noted that immunity for seasonal coronaviruses may last several years or as little as 80 days. “There’s an immunologic secret locked up in the long class of coronaviruses that we don’t yet understand,” Dr. Poland said.

COVID-19 Vaccine Likely Given Several Times or Annually

Vaccinologists like Fauci and Poland, who are expressing uncertainty about the length of protection a COVID-19 vaccine would provide, have reinforced speculation that two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine will be required over the course of about a month and that a booster shot may also be needed a few years later. In a recent article for USA Today, Elizabeth Weise wrote, “The first shot would prime the immune system, helping it recognize the virus. The second shot would strengthen the immune response.”

Immunologist Barry Bloom, PhD of Harvard University’s T.H Chan School of Public Health said:

As far as I am aware, with one set of exceptions, all the front-line vaccine developers are contemplating two shots. The one exception is Merck, which last week pushed forward on two vaccines, each of which they hoped would be one-shot vaccines.

Scott Gottlieb, MD, who joined the board of directors of Pfizer after resigning as Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March 2019, recently told CNBC that a vaccine for COVID-19 (like the one Pfizer is developing) may have to be an annual shot. Gottlieb said:

This is probably going to be a seasonal vaccine, the coronavirus vaccine. It’s probably a vaccine that we’re going to need to take every year, and Dr. Fauci is right… the immunity is not going to be long-term in the form of like a smallpox vaccine or a polio vaccine where you get the vaccine once and you’re protected for life or most of your life, or a measles vaccine. You’re going to need to take this shot regularly and maybe annually and the immunity might last up to a year.

Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech recently began clinical trials in the United States testing one and two doses of their experimental BNT162 vaccine for COVID-19 on human subjects.

By Marco Cáceres

source code

Are exosomes the transport mechanism of the source code of our DNA? The source code being the original version 1.0 (The baseline using IT terminology) of the faultless human biology. Does this contain the purest version of ourselves? I wonder because they are used to heal and restore the body to its original health. When the exosome delivers its payload does this contain that code that enables corrupted and stressed cells to revert back to version 1.0? I have no idea as I do not have the science background to understand all of the incredibly complex processes that occur as exosomes are produced and then go about their purpose.

I imagine that this process is a like hitting a reset button where all changes made to us at the sub-atomic level can be reversed because our physiology now knows the original code to compare all other versions present. Then it can tell which cells are impure so they can be removed and new cells coded in to existence that can replicate that digital copy of themselves as needed.

If the source code of our DNA is altered using an alternative could that fool our body into accepting these as version 1.0 and therefore replicate the purpose of the introduced exosome in to our very core? Could it permanently corrupt our DNA? If the source code is lost where can the body now find it? Is there a back up somewhere? (IT speak) I do not know and the more I write the more it sounds like a science fiction novel I might have read. (or a combination of many)

What if a vaccine introduces a new source code?