55 americans murdered

January 17, 2021 godfrey 0

Source: ZeroHedge Amid increasing calls for suspension of the use of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines produced by companies such as Pfizer, especially among elderly people, the situation in Norway has […]

PCR + TEST ≠ reality

January 16, 2021 godfrey 0

The pointless lockdowns, the stupid social distancing rules, the absurd and very dangerous insistence on mask wearing and the immensely dangerous experimental vaccination programme are […]


January 15, 2021 godfrey 0

We have to know what things are things. Journalist Derrick Broze will interview controversial doctors Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Cowan about the isolation and purification […]

it is not vaccine part 2

January 14, 2021 godfrey 0

Louisiana Woman Convulses Uncontrollably after Being Injected with the Experimental Pfizer COVID Shot – “I can’t stand to see my mom this way it makes […]