Many churches have sold out and resemble a state-sponsored cult club more than anything vaguely “Christian.” Like the pre-war Nazi German church, they would not know the difference between Yeshua or Jesus and pancake with cream. Here is something for you – they are hosting covid vaccine pop-ups like good the little muppets their Pastors, priests and ministers are. Do you believe they think they are helping people? I really doubt that. Have they ever spoken to Yeshua in the entire existence of their sellout life? Did they look into the history of the jabs past the lies that the pharmaceutically sponsored mainstream prestitutes force-feed them? I know these are very harsh words but they are the real truth.

We are in a desperate time now. This is not a feel-good game of holding hands and kumbaya. This is a war for our very existence. The fever pitch of propaganda is almost overwhelming and once again the people who brought to you the movie Pedophile Now want to guide us towards salvation just like Billy Graham’s satanic spawn told his millions of followers recently. Why do people worship everyone except the great Yahweh Himself? Why do we feel the need to bow down to some ex famous person’s elk? What happened to seeking HIM with all our hearts soul and minds? Do we see how witchcraft or pharmakeia is viewed in the bible? That is simply what the vaccine is – witchcraft or a good old witches brew made up by white witches in lab coats who are no more scientists than my goldfish. (in fact, the fishes poo is infinitely better for you and won’t cause any fatality)

“In some places, churches are serving as registration or vaccination sites in hopes of reaching the most vulnerable people who may be wary of the vaccine or of the government.” A quote from a quick search. Get the holy pfizer jab in a church building and some might feel like they are won’t be lied to there.

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