Governments have been very clever in how they have conveniently shifted blame and responsibility on to the average small business owner to take the brunt for their fraudulent agenda. Visiting Sydney for business I have noticed now that small shops like Asian groceries are advertising the illegal practice of contact tracing by displaying “check-in” notices so that the NSW government can fraudulently collect information. Illegal because this is a violation of privacy without a Bio Security Order personally addressed to each person which would be impossible. They would actually have to follow this national legislation of 700+ pages and that would be too slow and burdensome. Considering that the said virus is no worse than any previous flu season they could not sell that to people. According to the Health Privacy ACT of 2020, it is an offence to demand as a condition of entry the requirement to download an app to coerce an individual to upload their personal contact information in order to buy some vegetables. This is a fact so if this does not make sense go and read the law for yourself.

Is it possible that as in times gone past government commits fraud? Oh no, you hear people say – how can that be? Just a very short search in history will show numerous examples. It would take all of five minutes. The kind of illegal activity in itself would have brought down the whole government in recent decades. You see they are lying to the face of businesses and misleading them to commit crimes against the public – very serious crimes to boot if you look at the ACTs and the penalties contained therein.

But they continue to commit fraud which technically should end in prosecution by police for breaking the controversial Bio Security ACT 2015. Considering who is breaking those laws amongst others that is unlikely as the Premier herself would need to be accosted and the police commissioner is already in on the scam. Therefore there are hundreds of officials not only from NSW but other states and territories that violate these laws. However, by threatening owners of these small grocery shops to contact trace for them, they transfer the blame on to them. Technically if a grocery store owner insists that someone must check-in or be contact traced they are breaking this law and could be fined significant sums.

You see the evil in this thinking. Commit a crime and get small helpless business to bear their sins. But in order for the magic trick to work the business must agree. Imagine if thousands of business owners told the NSW government that we are not your appointed health officials and will not take on the burden that you place on us any more. We can run our business, pay our taxes obey the already heavy burden you place on us but refuse to break the law for you any more. We have money to make and people to feed and will no longer facilitate your trickery and fraud – go away Premier! The government could fine them all or force them to close however if they ever made it to court all of the cases would be thrown out. The court system would be overwhelmed and there are just not enough law enforcement officers to visit 100s of determined business owners. From what I have heard many small businesses have had success in this approach all over the world because they call the fraud into the light.

If just one suburb of businesses took this action then the government would have a choice to use a heavy hand and bring the police in numbers. We are not quite in a totalitarian regime yet but will be if we keep consenting. Each time we shirk our responsibility it is one more nail in our collective coffin. We are all in the process of being buried in the ground. Small to medium business are on the hit list front and centre.

Do you recall the pictures of thousands of dead bodies being buried in mass graves in the holocaust? That will soon be us. That is how serious this has become.

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