Most of us are downright liars and if we cannot see that we are completely self deluded. When was the last time you were open and honest to anyone? (children aside) I am asking myself that question too and have come to the same conclusion – not only are we liars but we are self deluding in the fact we see ourselves as honest compared to “that person” – a criminal who just just committed some heinous act. We are just as guilty in many crimes because of our blind eye policy – except recently in covid mania when we crank up that delusion and tell others to wear a mask because look at me I am wearing one and at least I am honest. But that is a complete deception. We know wearing masks was not needed up until covid mania but all of a sudden we tell ourselves that lying authorities are honest. Can you see how that sounds? If you think that is a bizarre statement please read on.

I experience this at work almost on an hourly basis. Colleagues 1ook me in the eye and lie without being conscious of it or most likely deluding themselves that relatively speaking they are they are not lying. I was not aware that facts and truth could be so easily manipulated to accommodate our own inadequacies because that is where that ease of lying comes from. We feel we are not good enough so we better cover that up and lie some more. Perhaps we all think we are Neo in the Matrix and everything is relative. Well here is a wake up call. You are not in a virtual reality where what you do and say have no consequences. I often have dreamt myself doing terrible things to people that have hurt me in the recent past. This waking consciousness called life is not sleep. What we do and say has consequences and most often it crosses generations and beyond.

A famous person once said that if you even visualise yourself doing something bad you have actually done it. I see where he is coming from now. We are all deluded and liars and the current events that reflect history are a vivid and stark reminder of this fact. You might ask why am I confronting us with this and how dare I accuse you of being a liar. Look at me in the eye and tell me you are not lying right now in that statement!

However let me share why I am writing this. I saw one of the most disturbing videos yesterday and I have seen plenty. In a German retirement home for those with degenerative brain diseases I witnessed several people murdered. Let me repeat that. These human beings were forcibly injected with a vaccine while men in black fatigues were present to intimidate them and remind them of their war experiences and to make them submissive. (In my view) There is a series of videos taken by whistle-blowers from the facility who can no longer lie to themselves that this death shot is anything more than that.

Here is the delusion of 95% of the population and the outright psychopathic behaviour of those who call the shots (no pun intended). This is genocide. We are systematically being targeted for extermination. In this case residents of this facility were targeted because of their pre-existing condition as I mentioned. So in my opinion not only were they murdered but those who ordered the hit wanted to see results. They were performing live experimentation of human beings. Does this remind you of something in the context of Germany and are you so naïve or deluded to believe this has not been happening for hundreds of years previously and currently all over the earth?

SHOCKING Videos of Forced COVID Vaccinations in German Nursing Homes Are PAINFUL to Watch – Attorney: ‘We’re Dealing With Homicide, Maybe Even Murder’ (

So where is my lie you ask? Ignoring and telling yourself that everything happening in this world right now is not your problem or caused by you. There you go again – lying to yourself.

Inaction is action. By yelling it’s a conspiracy theory you say “I am too bloody lazy to think for myself!” or

“I am a mindless moron.”


“I am foolish idiot”

Take your pick of reality statements. But don’t stop there. Grow a pair and do what your conscious tells you.

“Oh I did not kill anyone!”

You are a lost cause and your own lie will be your undoing and that of those you hold most dear. Soon they will come for you and your family and what will you do then?

“I should have acted years ago.”

Too late as those years are gone are you perhaps in your final one.

Did you know that one of the murdered ones was a long distance runner and opera singer. Right up until his murder he was outpacing staff less than half his age and singing like a bloody angel.

No go to the mirror and look at the person on the other side.

“I murdered him. It was as though my hand killed that man.”

 Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me

As much as you have failed these people you have failed me

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