• Lockdowns (prison term), panic, suicide,
  • experimental vaccines, tyranny, police thugs
  • homeless, genocide, millions dead
  • millions starving, state of emergencies,
  • airlines decimated, mandate masks
  • forced testing, vaccine passports,
  • check in apps, contact tracing, civil disobedience,
  • Dan Andrews, Fauci, Bill Gates, Boris Johnston
  • Mass media destructive lies
  • Meat GMO, food shortages, Texas in the dark
  • Kids in tents, sheep in shops, zombie apocalypse,
  • business gone, billionaires boost, only shopping online
  • Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Klaus Schwab,
  • Implantable surveillance, human rights dead,
  • Drone harvesting, universal incomes, automated rides
  • Lines for food around the block
  • Houses gone, tent cities thrive,

For a virus that has never existed!!!!!

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