My personal comments: I was not really surprised over this but saddened yet again if the below is true. The airline should be disciplined/fined for this disgraceful behaviour but the New World Order or Cult of Covid is in full overdrive now. The only solution is for people to refuse to wear masks entirely in the thousands and all agree to unite so that airlines like this cannot do business. At least people attempted to dispute what happened but really complying to self harm is never going to end well. Wearing masks is actually self harm and ultimately will negatively affect us all – that is certain.

I could go on on and have done just that but those few of us who see this obvious tyranny cannot force people to our view unlike the Cult of Covid who will certainly pull out all stops to ensure we all join their madness and kill each other off.

Source: Summit News

 Hasidic Jewish family says they were kicked off a flight because they refused to make their 18-month-old baby wear a mask, while passengers claimed Frontier Airlines staff performed celebratory high-fives after the incident.

A video of the incident shows the family walking off the plane as other passengers complain, “This is Nazi Germany! “and, “This is gonna go all over the news!”

Despite the policy being that children aged under 2 do not have to wear masks, the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council (OJPAC) says the family were told “to get off because their 18-month-old had no mask.”

Disturbing incident the last hour on a @FlyFrontier flight as staff told a Hasidic couple to get off because their 18 month old had no mask. Applause is heard as the couple started leaving. Travels say on camera that the applause came from staff who also cheered that “we did it.”

— OJPAC (@OJPAC) March 1, 2021

After the other passengers started to bitterly complain about the treatment of the family, they too were removed from the plane and the flight was cancelled.

Eyewitnesses said the airlines staff were seen congratulating and “high-fiving each other,” while another allegedly stated, “A job well done to those Jews.”

EYEWITNESS VIDEO! Multiple people say on the record in this video that as the Hasidic couple started leaving the airplane, @FlyFrontier staff applauded, exchanged high fives and one allegedly said “a job well done to those Jews.” Att @PeteButtigieg @FAANews @SenatorCantwell

— OJPAC (@OJPAC) March 1, 2021

However, Frontier Airlines put out a statement claiming that the family was removed because adults were refusing to wear masks.

“Members of a large group, including adults, refused to wear masks as flight 2878 was preparing for departure from MIA-LGA. Repeated requests to comply with federal law necessitated their removal from the flight,” the airline declared, adding, “The issue did not stem from a child under 2.”

This claim is contradicted by footage showing the adults wearing masks as they leave the plane as well as testimony from passengers, one of whom asserted, “No adult refused to wear a mask.”

Hi @FlyFrontier I was on the plane.
This is simply not true.
No adult refused to wear a mask.
The only person w/o a mask was a 18 month old.
I’m still horrified how you handled it.

We’re sleeping tonight in MIA. At least thanks for rebooking us for tomorrow morning on JetBlue

— Meir G (@MeirG16) March 1, 2021

“The only person w/o a mask was a 18 month old. I’m still horrified how you handled it,” they tweeted.

Political commenter Yossi Gestetner also pointed out the absurdity of masks on planes when people remove them for long periods of time when eating or drinking.

“The airplane was loaded corner to corner with ZERO distancing, and for most of the flight many passengers would anyway not wear masks due to eating,” said Gestetner. “So it’s odd that you chose to cancel a flight over an alleged mask issue (not backed by video and disputed by eyewitnesses).”

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