it’s all a stage

I have always found expressing my view pretty easy and thought that logical debate is a healthy thing. Sure I hated people disagreeing with me in the early days when I was insecure but hey welcome to my life and never ending rejection. In my opinion it seems like the vast majority of people have been acutely dumbed down over the decades and it breaks my heart because we as people have been manipulated with ease by those in the shadows. (sounds insane hey but I was not sure what term I could use other than deep state – which has been used and abused)

Today I went to a family dinner and when I feel comfortable I tend to let it rip (no I was not drunk this time…) with what I take for granted about the world system particularly when they start debating the little distractions. In this example it was Trump. I think my complete incompetency with social etiquette did not help. A younger family member looked at me like I had just murdered his dog in cold blood. Hey I needed an exit strategy and that served well and I politely took my leave. To my credit my wife thought I would last 10 minutes today before bailing and I did more than two hours! (fist pump)

Surely our tiny family all know the mad uncle and his loonie thinking by now? I did not appreciate just how much we all have the hook embedded down our throat. I recently was a bit harsh on some work friends with their inability to see the nose in front of their eyes so I was surprised by this aggression. But really I should not have been and will be more patient at work as they are geniuses compared to this family member. I mostly shut up at there anyway and am not outspoken unless confronted or someone gets right up in my face as has occurred so many times. Not many colleagues want my view as they kinda know what I will say even if I have never expressed an opinion/perspective on a specific subject before.

You would gather by all of this that management do not bang down my preverbal door begging to promote me but they all know I will put the hard yards in as needed work wise. (I am speaking over the decades in many different roles.) This off ramp jettisons me to the right place for where I wanted to go. Consider that word role grasshopper. (I loved Kung Fu as kid so cut me some slack)

All of us are actors playing roles in the greatest live drama in history. Why do you think Hollywood is so powerful? What they enact plays out around us in reality. Do people actually think that their part in the play is important? Really? Why is there so much suicide do you think? My personal view is one word – despair. Our spiritual mind/subconscious natively can smell the cow dung every moment of every waking day.

We know it is garbage somewhere in our spirit and staged but when someone tells us we get soooo upset because indoctrination is all we know. Some use the analogy as sleep and being awake but I do not buy all that entirely. I think we have numbed our spirit by consent to lies. Like the malware rant I did – we have lost ability to separate soul from spirit. The truth and falsehood. We are deceived and are chomping down on the hook more and more each day and ultimately will choke. If we eventually see that analogy being played out in our lives the fisherman might just kill us to extract it. Or we will just accept the discomfort as entirely normal or should I say The New Normal!

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