truth is a malicious code

The world is currently transfixed like some fan of a rock star on the vaccines. (OOO AHHH) We need a vaccine they chant as the TV pumps out the same message 24/7.

The official chants –

  • OOO AHHH – Covid is deadly
  • OOO AHH – People are dropping like flies
  • OOO AHH – Covid is all powerful
  • OOO AHH – We must listen to the experts
  • OOO AHH – We need solution
  • OOO AHH – Yes! We need a vaccine!!!!

The world stares in wonder at the marvel of medicine and the new vaccine that has been miraculously designed, tested and manufactured in months. No other vaccine is like it! All hail our leaders!

  • The world believes all must take the vaccine.
  • The world believes that if we all do not we cannot go back to NORMAL.
  • The world tells everyone that you must wear mask and take the vaccine.
  • The world believes if you do not obey the wonderful leaders you should be forced or arrested.

However there are a silent few who have read something called history.

I studied modern history and my teacher told me I was talented at it. I was his prize student not only because I regurgitated what he taught but I did something very rare – analysed it and came to conclusions. Here was the dawn or seed of my curious mind.

I studied biology too and came first (not much of an achievement really in my school as the true superstars did chemistry and physics.) I loved the subject and my teacher taught me to think and challenge the text books content. (like evolution)

So why do I mention biology and history? I laugh out loud at this question. The answer is simple – both of these fundamentals are being butchered, violated, lied about and conveniently forgotten.

  • OOO AHH – Why do you question our leaders?
  • OOO AHH – Your ramblings are conspiracy theories
  • OOO AHH – You must be silent and submit!

If I compared the world to computer code I would say it is composed entirely of malicious content. This is the correct perspective because malicious code executes its intent doesn’t it? It builds on a design to a specific outcome or purpose. When you run the application it complies all the instructions and data and shows you what it is doing or going to do. It demonstrates all of the code inside it.

However (I love that word) this is not the opinion of the vast number of people who are unaware of just where their actual view originated. You see they are running the code as stated in the last paragraph on the hardware of their mind. Their operating system has been altered and infected with malicious code over time due to their exposure to the malware which they accepted by pressing yes I agree so many time that the operating system now runs without their actual conscious mind being aware that these prompts have become automated when new malware appears.

Some call this a trojan but for our example it does not really matter what you call it but what the outcome is to the complete and utter corruption of the individuals operating system, hardware and numerous other systems that rely on these. If the truth presents itself their operating system will recognise it as malware. I have seen this many times in actual computers. Malware parades as true code and stops the original manufactures code from entering in to the current corrupted operating system so it can keep doing what it does – destruction of some kind or malintent.

When the world hears truth which is actually designed for their benefit they will now not be able to recognise it.



You might ask what inspired me to compose these ramblings? Considering the scrap book is mine I will tell myself that answer so I will be remined in the future. My wife was at work and her colleagues asked her what she thought about the whole covid thing and will she be taking the vaccine. She said its a scam and no she will not take the vaccine and explained why using logic. Specifically she relayed what I thought (because for some reason they wanted to know) and guess what they said….

Go to the section entitled – The official chants. I think you know that already or if not please say it to yourself until it becomes true and just ignore those pesky permission prompts as they just get in the way!

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