This is my third message in the holy trilogy of information pertinent to the success of our sacred New World Order. I write to you my faithful followers as only you have seen the light of the Holy Pfizer Water Injection and understand its secrets. The Demon Carriers continue to resist the glory that must illuminate us all. I implore for your help now in this desperate struggle to bring The Light in to this dark and depraved world.

I have been advised that 50% of those we seek to deliver are Demon Carriers which represents an overwhelming number for us to to overcome. Their kind are swelling as demons run rampant. I look upon this glorious world and weep for them all. I have compassion for them like a father does for his prodigal children. They are lost but alas can be found again however this endeavour must become our urgent burden. I encourage you my illuminated to rise to the occasion like the great phoenix of legend!

When a shepherd loses one sheep what does he do? Does he not set aside all of the others in a relentless pursuit to bring that single lost one back in to the fold? Of Course! We are all shepherds and must play our part. The time has come for you all to join our holy work and ensure all can be delivered from the demons!

You need to rise up my people! We need to gather in the lost ones. It is time we unite to remove the scourge from the earth – the demons using the only holy artefact of medicine! Pfizer must be spread from one end of the world to other! All must transported from the kingdom of demons in to the glorious illumination of the Holy Pfizer!

Take them all. Hold them with chains. Arrest them and confine them in to safe homes and ensure they are sanctified. Time is running out like the sands of an hour glass. Do not wait until the last grain has fallen but shepherd them all my children in to the holy place. Those that perish cannot be saved but the demons will be purged and we all will be saved!

We are entering in to an age of freedom and prosperity. But you must play your part. Do what you must for the greater good! Do not hesitate. The end is near and will come upon us like a thief in the night. Do not be caught out because only darkness will await you.

But wait…I have heard another holy pronouncement from those whose wisdom cannot be measured in this one dimensional world. Wait on the…AstraZeneca demon purger. OH my children we possess another holy arrow in our quiver. We shall be victorious and usher in a new age like none before.

All praise to Pfizer AstraZeneca!!! Sing and rejoice!!!! We have won!

Part one.

Part two

of the scared messages

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