holy water injection

As I have so eloquently said before the only effective way to remove and resist the corona demons is the direct injection of the Holy Pfizer Water. If you face an unstoppable enemy that can deceive peoples mind and take over their bodies then you must use a superior weapon of great Holiness! The Holy Pfizer is the pinnacle of all such endeavours and through their interactions with god and cutting edge science they have a way forward for all of us to prosper in to the future.

First let me put to rest more lies from the Demon Carriers. Those debauched and corrupted individuals will speak any falsities to resist the inevitable holy purge of the corona demons they carry. It stands to reason that the demons want to spread and make more of their kind. This is a great danger to us all. Now you might have heard that some have perished after the Holy injection. Let me explain why.

When a carrier has a corona demon deeply embedded sometimes it holds on to their body so tightly that it wreaks havoc inside the host. Now the Demon Carrier might not even know this is happening. However Pfizer has unlocked a secret. If the Demon Carrier has fallen in love with the demon then removing it can fight not only against the will of the demon but that of the carrier. If they secretly formed this intimate bond than this can be catastrophic.

The Holy Water can remove this bond between the carrier and the demon in the vast number of cases however if the bond is too strong because of the incredible wickedness of the carrier the trauma could be too much. Be not deceived! The carriers can pose as one of us! We can never be too careful. However this is the ingeniousness of the Holy Water injection. It can uncover such impostors! Oh Pfizer we praise your great holiness in unlocking this secret!

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