An invisible and evil enemy is sweeping the world. No one is safe! This demon can walk through walls lurk on surfaces for months before entering a host, resist chemical demon weapons and appear from no-where! We are hunted people. Be on your guard and wear the Holy Masks and keep away from anyone who does not because they carry the evil. Demons are cleaver and will try and deceive you. Be especially weary of the Demon Carriers because they are known by their words –

  • If they say things such as the holy masks do not work then they must be purged!
  • If they utter dissent against the voices of the Vision (TV) they shall be purged!
  • If they dare board transport carrying demons they shall be purged.
  • If they speak against the Holy Water injection they shall be purged.

Corona Demons lurk everywhere and no stone should be left unturned in the eternal quest to find and purge them. We will dedicate as many resources as are needed for the greatest trial humanity has ever faced.

I truly believe that these Demon Carriers that refuse to submit should be gathered together for trials. Here is my evidence of precedence –

Witches: The Salem witch trials where any person could be a witch
and therefore everyone had to be alert to the ‘unseen enemy.’

The devil: In literature regarding the medieval ages (The Name of the Rose and the Devils) the devil is a purgeable demon that could exist in anyone. “He’s always the one you least suspect.”

Radical Muslim terrorists: Employed during the War on Terror against anyone carrying a bag on public transport. “If you see anything suspicious please contact a member of staff.”

The persecution of Jewish people in Nazi Germany, who were thought to be secretly plotting to undermine the Reich.

The House Un-American Activities Committee who sought to root out covert communists from American society in the 1950s.

All diseases and viruses are unseen and the media and corporations refer to the “fight against coronavirus.”

From the Off Guardian

First we should offer compassion to the Demon Carriers in special humane facilities and attempt to purge the demons from them. We are not barbarians but modern and noble people so we shall give the Demon Carriers the chance to purge themselves from this scourge we all face! That way they shall see how wicked they have become to allow the demons in their bodies and minds and have the said demons removed scientifically! Like I said we are not witch doctors from some dark jungle in Africa!

You ask what we will happen if the Demon Carrier will not see the light and the error of their ways and be purged? I think you know that answer already!

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