1000 Post-Vaccination Deaths


Data from vaccine adverse event reporting systems in the US (VAERS), the EU (EUDRA) and the UK (MHRA) indicates that covid RNA vaccinations have already been associated with close to 1000 deaths and several thousand non-trivial ‘adverse events’, including anaphylactic (allergic) shocks, temporary facial paralysis, and, in a few cases, birth defects. These figures may be an underestimate, as vaccine reporting systems typically cover only a fraction of adverse events.

For the US, see: 501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine

Compared to the tens of millions of covid RNA vaccinations already performed, these numbers are small. Compared to the amount of covid deaths, too, these numbers are small. But compared to the standards for safe medical products, these numbers are certainly significant. Moreover, little is still known about the long-term safety profile of experimental RNA vaccines. Back in 2009/2010, it took one year for the public to learn about neurological damages caused by swine flu vaccine adjuvants.

In terms of RNA vaccine effectiveness, data from vaccination leader Israel indicates that the risk of infection and hospitalization is indeed much lower in senior citizens having received the second vaccine dose (92% relative effectiveness); but the overall test positivity rate in the population has yet to decrease, and the first vaccine dose is clearly insufficient to prevent infection in senior citizens.

Data sources: Reporting sytems OpenVAERS (USA), EUDRA (EU), MHRA (UK).

My comments:

If individuals point out these numbers they are more often than not labelled at Anti-Vaxxers. This is just a propaganda tool used in the 10 steps to genocide if you study Rwanda and numerous other such events worldwide. Now this is being utilised unashamedly and without reservation. Governments using media are like attack dogs and do everything to shutdown this kind of questioning and logical thought.

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