billy g is the contagion

Have to ask yourself is there some conflict of interest?

Look deeper into who is behind the current offerings of the death vax? Told us back in April 2020 that –

  • “The Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates told “The Daily Show” on Thursday that his foundation was funding the construction of factories for seven coronavirus vaccine candidates.
  • Gates said the foundation would end up picking only one or two of the seven, meaning billions of dollars spent on manufacturing would be abandoned.”

“Gates said he was picking the top seven vaccine candidates and building manufacturing capacity for them. “Even though we’ll end up picking at most two of them, we’re going to fund factories for all seven, just so that we don’t waste time in serially saying, ‘OK, which vaccine works?’ and then building the factory,” he said.

Gates said that simultaneously testing and building manufacturing capacity is essential to the quick development of a vaccine, which Gates thinks could take about 18 months.”

This was in April 2020. The plague had been with us for how long? A few months and already he is building factories? Come on? Are you that dumb you cannot see something here? It takes 10 years to make a vaccine so why build facilities now?

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