bezos affair with gates

Jeff Bezos is the founder and owner of, and in 2019 surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world.

He just single-handedly destroyed, the biggest competitor to Big Tech.

Since being censored on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other Big Tech networks, Health Impact News has enjoyed the most success on where we have not been censored for criticizing Big Pharma. Even when we have criticized President Trump on the mainly Right Wing platform, we have enjoyed free speech to publish our articles.

All of that ends tonight, as Jeff Bezos and his company Amazon Web Services (AWS) has decided to kick Parler off of their Cloud-based server system.

Oh Billy G just become the biggest farm land owner in the US – Now what could be wrong with that?

He has a massive stake (worth 200 bill) in the vaccines being rolled out and is a “family planner” just like his dad was. Lovely “family”

Guess what Billy bought?
invested 10 billion and will get 200 billion – by his own words

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