the Knight of the New Normal

Today our champion of the faith with enforce the “truth” on to the general populace as the new super hero of the elite. He will use several tried and true methods as the “Knight of the New Normal”.

  1. Propaganda – a tried but true and ancient weapon of great potency that can affect hundreds if not thousands in a single blow.
  2. False Flags – The “Knight of the New Normal” shall inflict catastrophic events of those that dare doubt in the purity of the pious. Fire, floods and mass culling that drive the moron masses in to the fine folds of the hero’s “new protection.”
  3. Torture – The “Knight of the New Normal” is master of the meat mace. Using his trusty weapon he tenderises the minds of the bold into timidity by inflicting painful but not mortal wounds on their pride until almost death by a thousand blows followed by a promise of reprieve if only they compromise.
  4. Collar – the once proud and independent warriors are decorated with an adornment carrying the mark of the masters which brandishes a kill switch that can be used at their “pleasure.”

And so the consummate great hero prevails once again. He shall forever be cherished as the greatest among the pure of heart and followers of the faith that this dark world craves to embark on the “new journey” at the gratification of the chosen.

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