great reshuffle

The pack is rigged. Oh no its the redistribution of income to those who don’t need it most. Surprise! Claus what’s his name will give out billions directly to nation building to assist the poorest? Sure pull the other one it plays jingles bells. Oh billions will rollout out but not for what you think…

But the Q crowd see the might Duck I mean Trump as the savoir of humanity. Personally I don’t buy it. Be very careful when trusting the destiny of humanity on one man. That sounds too much like bloody Marvel comics. Sounds great but never works that way. “Don’t worry, relax and trust the plan.” Just read the codes! Meanwhile warp speed total destruction is taking place. But that’s ok, just trust. Wake up call. Trump is not GOD. He never was. I sincerely hope I am wrong. I really do.

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