The IMF obviously thinks we are moronic idiots because they are using Sesame Street to teach us how to play at home and usher in the “Great Reset”. We should use video play and not allow kids to come together. Of course those in poverty are affected the most. They are so good to use media to indoctrinate kids from Bangladesh.

Until a vaccine is found we cannot recover – (world VS Virus) Cleaner, smarter and Fairer

The virus not those c….s plunged us into recession and of course Sweden did not avoid deaths because they did not lockdown. He makes sure to “clarify” that “mistake.” Countries that did “testing and tracing.” were better off.

The BS gushing forth was just like a script from every other globalist. We are all believe every word I am sure. A lot will depend on a vaccine – better chance of growth. It will not be “invasive” until we all get it. He used that word invasive.

But Hi Tech companies have done well because they are leading us to a completely traceable and digital system so they can control us better. Interestingly people are moving out of the city so housing is booming apparently so their perpetration of evil on us all is a good thing hey?

The green economy is accelerating its development too. What could be wrong with that? Greater emphasis on robotics too. Man it almost convinced me they care about us.

Gita Gopinath, Chief Economist and Director of the Research Department, IMF – says predictably-

“Now, there remains tremendous uncertainty around the outlook. There are both downside risks and upside risks. The virus is resurging, with localized lockdowns being reinstituted. If this worsens and prospects for treatments and vaccines deteriorate, the toll on economic activity would be severe and likely amplified by severe financial market turmoil. The growing restrictions on trade and investment and rising geopolitical uncertainty could harm the recovery. On the upside, faster and better news on treatments and vaccines or further policy stimulus can significantly improve the outlook.

Now, considerable policy support has already been put in, fiscal support of up to 12 trillion, many actions by central banks around the world, and that has helped to save lives and livelihoods and prevented a financial catastrophe. However, there is still much that needs to be done to ensure a sustained recovery.

First, greater international collaboration is needed to end this health crisis. Tremendous progress is being made in developing tests, treatments, and vaccines, but only if countries work closely together will there be enough production and widespread distribution to every part of the world to end this pandemic.”
Transcript of October 2020 World Economic Outlook

Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director said “First, defend people’s health. Spending on treatment, testing, and contact tracing is an imperative. So too is stronger international cooperation to coordinate vaccine manufacturing and distribution, especially in the poorest countries. Only by defeating the virus everywhere can we secure a full economic recovery anywhere.”

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