this story is about biggest porky pie

I remember being drunk and accusing my ex wife yet again of being unfaithful. However out of my stupor I heard her confess and the following day realised it had actually happened. You see I had been plagued by night mares of her with these other men for many years. As bonus she then confirmed that my second son was my “so called” ex best friends and she had been bonking another close family friend. Apparently she also confessed to a Pastor. (who I consider a friend first and still do. Her husband is a Pastor too – who I had grown up with, both failed to tell me this little titbit of information). It seemed that everyone knew the truth except me. What monumental, catastrophic and pinhead of a moron was I?

I will also confess to you that I sensed my ex had been actively seeking out men for decades but she had gotton on her hands and knees time and time again – quite literally and begged me to believe she had not been physical with anyone. Oh, I forgot to mention that the first born severely disabled son that I had placed my life on hold for, given up any hope of a career and basically drank myself to death over was also not mine. (I tested his DNA – yes I am a masochist it seems) People say that this level of betrayal can send a man to his grave early but after further drinking and remarrying (yes I am deluded too) I then decided to cease the pursuit of booze. I make no promises or vows but have no plans to recommence this pursuit. When it springs to my mind the thought sickens me. (and Yes I know that many have said this before and lied to themselves too)

Why have I said all of this? Simple – I want you to know what your governments, health authorities, doctors, academics and law enforcement are doing. They are lying to your face. They have been unfaithful and like my ex they have no plan to stop. Like that woman they will promise wonderful things using sweet words and assurances but you know in your heart it is bull shit. You tell yourself that you need to hang on for a few more weeks for the sake of the children but your hear your heart tell you again and again – “Get out. Do Something!” I forfeited by stupidly the best years of my life for a woman who not only hated me (did I tell you about a love letter I found?) but shoved her faeces in my face and made me eat it. No wonder why I went mad.

How many people have committed suicide so far? How many people have been sexually and physically abused by spouses? How many old ladies have been harassed on park benches and pregnant women arrested? How many police have committed crimes against people they swore to protect? What will it take? A secret love letter? There are so many of those confessions out in the open and just like me we continue to eat shit. How much shyte does it take until we vomit and at what point do we act?

– When the best years of our productive life are over?
– When we see our babies suffering and dying as a result of some untested poison that some giggling psychopath wet dreams to inject them with?

Do we trust that the prostitutes and whores will report the truth in their news articles and telecasts as they hurl toxic vomit in the atmosphere with their snake forked tongues?

You decide before its too late. Like me I hope your life is not basically over and your family have turned against you and actually believe what that whore says about you. (I know how that feels too) You need to get out of your “she’ll be right mate” attitude and the government will look after me crap. It’s a lie – the biggest porky pie in history.

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  1. You are helping many people with your honesty, and aren’t alone in being trusting. I can relate to a lot of what you have gone through, losing everyone, giving the best of yourself to narcissists because YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO LOVE – and they only take.
    The human dilemma is this paradox, and we earn our wings, for sure. The price is high but he who dies with the most toys actually LOSES.
    Good work, brother. I am grateful the AI algorithms gave me the opportunity to follow your blog.

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