victoria has fallen

If you read this post you may wonder what this has to do with covid! Well if you want the answer to this question I wrote one of the best pieces of my life as a very average writer. It is called the Great Distraction. The reason Covid has been inflicted upon us is because of one word – CONTROL! It is about control. Nothing more – nothing less.

Everything else you hear is absolute BS – do not be “distracted” by the great magicians who have been practising their demonic magic for decades. Do not listen to “health authorities” as they have abandoned their sacred call and have been bought by small number of people who control 99% of the worlds wealth and therefore power. But there is one more piece to their puzzle. The control of our very minds.

If you study Satanic culture you will know that two things are used against human beings.

Humiliation – Make us feel like we are worthless, powerless and ugly!

Control – Once we submit our thoughts and will.

All of the rest is just peripheral. Satan hates human beings because we remind it of GOD. We are made in HIS image and so every time it sees us, it loaths us and wishes us death. If you see the world through this simple perspective it will explain everything. All can be distilled to this one entity. If you do not believe it than you are lost. I am lost.

Side note: the commentary of all faiths coming together is also great lie. There is a single truth that I wrote about here that will help you. (soon a one world church will be announced)

This video is interesting but don’t be distracted. Use it as information.

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