Fergo and Hancock in Gills pants

My Note: Fergo could not model a paddle pop stick house but everyone jumped on his bandwagon of doom.

Actually paddle pop stick houses can get complex so it might be beyond Fergo

Source: https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/covid%E2%80%9319-big-pharma-players-behind-uk-government-lockdown

Gill pay-rolled guess who?

Neil Ferguson defends lockdown policy while conveniently forgetting the failure record of his “model”

In a recent interview, Neil Ferguson defended his Covid–19 predictions, which now appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

Ferguson reinforced the message that Britons “cannot go completely back to normal, until we have a vaccine there will be a degree of social distancing in place” (emphasis added).

Ferguson also confirmed the UK Government’s track-and-trace policy: “Longer-term social distancing will be required, not at the levels we have today, if we have contact tracing in place” (emphasis added). 

With numbers not adding up to Ferguson’s alarmist projections, the subsequent lockdown of the economy, and now the UK Government’s potential roll-out of mandatory vaccinations and biometric surveillance of the workforce, we could be forgiven for suspecting that the overarching agenda was always the increased surveillance and control of the majority of the population. 

Bill is is everywhere!
UK Health Secretary and his mate Bill Gates

The UK Vaccine Network

Not only was Chris Whitty previously sponsored by Bill Gates and on the interim board of CEPI; he now chairs the UK Vaccine Network (UK VN). The UK VN brings together “industry, academia and relevant funding bodies to make targeted investments in specific vaccines and vaccine technology for infectious diseases with the potential to cause an epidemic”. 

The UK Vaccine Network provides funding for vaccine development programmes. Projects supported by the DHSC through the UK Vaccine Network are listed here

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