law of unattended consequences

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I have been reading a book or 9 to be precise where this law keeps popping up. What we do to combat once fire can light others we did not intend to ignite. Recently a group of Doctors decided to pull the lid of the nonsense that health authorities in the US were trying to shove down the throats of the collective just like you and I. This has been occurring all over the world. If you have an opinion you are being shut down and your social media accounts deleted mostly without warning. Why is there such a fevered fanatical pitch to stop all conflicting chatter to the mainstream media? Why are authorities so desperate to silence Drs, scientists and informed individuals by labelling their information as dangerous?

For goodness sake vitamin C and D? Seriously? What hell is that about? Dangerous my ass. What is dangerous and has been for centuries is pure and unadulterated censorship against reasonable, thoughtful and logical arguments and debates. This is the real danger and if we cannot see that we are in a massive chasm of hurt. I hear it all day from media and work mates. Sprouting the main stream sewage like it was the gospel. The stench makes me retch.

Indisputable science my big white ass! I cannot believe this! To be honest I can. It’s just that this is the most significant cross road in the recent battle for our minds. Get this – people who are 100% healthy are evil carriers of a harbinger of death called the coronavirus. Therefore those very people who have no symptoms and immunity to the virus (oops there is no immunity to this unlike every other coronavirus) must inject an untested concoction of who the hell knows what in to our blood with a result of grade 3 side affects? (google it) Sometimes painful welts, fever and hospitalisation.

Oh OK I was perfectly fine until you jammed this so called vaccine up my anal passage and now I feel worse statically than most people do when they get the dreaded lurgy! Does that sound like flawless logic to you? If it does run full tilt head first in to the nearest brick wall. Perhaps you will see something useful.

Back to the law. By trying to force a cork on the truth those very powers that be are actually releasing pent up pressure and making themselves look like the complete drongos that they are. The untended consequence looks like this – “Oy, what are you trying to do by shutting up hundreds of veteran doctors, surgeons and specialists you moronic bureaucratic pin heads!”

HMM what are they saying by the way… Lets listen closely. (I was just about to foolishly post a You tube link and guess what? Gonski. Right before my bloody eyes.

And another link came in to materialisation from an alternative source. Thanks Spiro.

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