could masks be super spreaders?

The question of masks has now transcended science and politics to a fever pitch of religious fanaticism because all common sense has been abandoned in the face of a pandemic of fear. People are crapping in the proverbial and are desperately grasping for anything that could save them. Like a drowning victim, all semblance of rationale has evaporated as they drag down whom ever into the gurgler with them. Don’t you present peer reviewed and published material. Oh No! It has gone beyond all of that.

Recently I chatted about masks to a colleague who could not quote one single piece of actual information and would not accept the information that I had uncovered over the past 6 months. He was right (without any shred of evidence) and I was clearly wrong. It is like a massive shroud of darkness has been flung over the world and it has closed people’s minds to all but the despicable sound of the torrent of raw sewage rammed in to their minds by the main stream media. Their intent is clear – fear!

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