named and shamed

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“Many people believe that other marginalized peoples, races, people of certain sexual orientations, other religious groups as well as women, have been purposely and maliciously marked as “other” by the state. The rationalization for this action generally comes under the insistence that it is for the “good of the people.” Therefore the groups identified as dangerous are to be avoided, chastised, abused, shamed and even violently harmed for being the “enemy.””

My Note: I remember being called fatso at school. The kids would identify me as fatso. My solution – punch the crap out of those people. But how long can you punch everyone? You get tired – you can’t keep fighting the world  – I have been doing this since I was a baby. And so we come to the subject of masks. What is the thing with masks? We have proven here on numerous occasions by science papers and videos of hundreds of doctors who agree they do not work. If the powers that be debated on a level playing field they would get annihilated 50-0! So what can they do? Simple. Name and shame us. If some big impressive technocrat gets up and babbles “masks, masks, masks” the sheepies will all chant “masks, masks, masks” Then he says “People who do not wear masks are evil! They are trying to kill you!” The sheepies will say…

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