Bill gates has a very strong influence on the media as he invests significant money. Therefore they treat him like a saint and a prophet. But it is not about philanthropy. The world will not turn to normal until after we are all vaccinated. Gill is the second largest contributor to the WHO. He is also on the world economic forum where he talks about the great reset. He also funded the college of the horny professor.

He thinks the planet is over populated. He has a massive interest in many organizations.

  • vaccines
  • experimental vaccines to the whole world
  • he is not worried about side affects or deaths
  • cannot return to the new normal and never be free and people agree with the man with the money
  • his payrolled governments agree
  • they all nod in agreement
  • untested vaccines and genocide – the difference?


  • genetically modified plants
  • patenting seeds so many farmers cannot buy seeds
  • make roundup
  • Bayer bought Monsanto
  • IG Farben, – Bayer came from there – war criminals
  • will Bayer make a vaccine?
  • Monsanto and Bayer have done bad things
  • BBC and guardian get money fro him
  • Gates is financing geoengineering too via Harvard
  • this tech could murder millions just like a massive volcanic eruption
  • it will poison the air to help climate change
  • also genetically modified mosquitoes in 2022 – what could go wrong?
  • also breast milk is being – artificial
  • there is a pattern here – interfere with nature
  • he also is doing fake meat.
  • He is also invested in crypto – id passports and vaccination proof
  • ID 2020 has promoted digital id with ms and Garvi
  • rather ask trump to hold my wallet than gates hold my ID
  • Pirbright looks at farm animals disease
  • Ceppi – platforms for rapid vaccines development
  • Ceppi and Imperial college and horny professor and Gavi
  • gates – how does he keep up with this massive interest
  • unhealthy obsession but not for him but you – vaccines
  • inject 7 billion with experimental vaccine but if you die or get sick manufactures are indemnified
  • oh you tube will remove videos that do not agree with the WHO

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