where does a totalitarianism regime begin?

I write these thoughts after being bullied on community forum for a large local apartment building where people on the managing committee believed they had power to tell me how I should think. I did not agree with the closing of the facilities we dearly pay for (which they probably don’t use themselves) and their refusal to accept compromises with using them based on pure common sense. It begins below.

I think beyond any doubt that we have been conditioned to be submissive to authorities that do not actually have our best interest at heart for many generations leading up to current events. When we are young children, we taught to repeat the utterances that educational institutions generate to direct our behaviour and thinking. If anyone thinks that schools are innocent, then think again. Why do many parents choose to send their children to religious schools? They want to protect their offspring from indoctrination and they believe that these schools will instil positive values rather than the potential extreme left-wing thinking.

Educational institutions have long been a target of purposeful indoctrination of students by teachers that themselves were likewise subjected to the same process therefore replicating themselves in their proteges. If you need evidence, then then look at the expulsion of all Christian teaching, the introduction of alternative historical narratives and the blurring of sexual identification. This is an agenda and it would be foolish to suggest otherwise.

The point to these words is that during this pandemic we are being told to trust authorities like government and medical agencies whose direction is being reinforced by the mass media. Anyone who does not agree is labelled as conspiracy theorists (luney tunes), not caring about saving lives and the greater good. But where is that submission being directed to? The simple answer is towards those authorities that are eroding our fundamental freedoms in the premise that this new normal called social distancing can save us.

It seems that now people are becoming aggressive towards anyone who disagrees the mass narrative. They are quick to label, accuse and turn in those who refuse to comply to authorities if they are perceived to have crossed a boundary of submission that might threaten the accuser’s personal safety or that of their family. It is driven by fear not the desire to look out for the wellbeing of others.  Fear and aggression are noticeably clear red flags that indicate indoctrination but are justifiable in the minds of the perpetrators.

If you are feeling stress, anxiety and fear in this current event then you should be questioning why. I know I have felt all these emotions. I have also felt overly defensive of my position with this lockdown. If I do not watch myself, I will overreact and reinforce to others that my thinking is indeed wrong because I am a hater. I do not submit for the greater good. I am selfish. This could lead to more stress and ultimately me giving up because going against the literal tide is exhausting. I might be better to acquis and rollover like an obedient hound.

Does this therefore make it easier for authorities to retain our lost freedoms and ride the public fear like a wave until we are all herded like willing sheep to the slaughter? I think it does because power over people is intoxicating. The ability to utter an edict and see millions submit must give a significant rush to those who enjoy that power. That control is very easy to enjoy if there is a spectre looming overhead. In this case it is the virus. The same virus that is less potent than the seasonal flu but somehow our society will not accept the statistics and facts that are no longer conspiratorial but realty.

I have to ask myself this question. What is the best way to usher in a totalitarian regime? In answer I see two ways.

  1. Overwhelming force using military
  2. Very slowly and subtly over decades of time.

I would think that option two is the best way to achieve this in western culture. If we are herded too quickly we might wake up and rebel. It is much better that we slowly drift out to sea and eventually find ourselves in open water with no land in sight in a state of panic without any possibility of surviving unassisted. I wonder whose hand will be there when we cry out in utter terror? Guess.

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