population grid

  • Billionaires gather in NY to talk about charity, I mean how to reduce the population problem?
  • The developing world does not need more children.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was founded to help mothers to have less kids (in his own words)
  • We need to intervene with population growth.
  • People have more kids because they do not expect that all their kids will to survive.
  • As you improve health population growth goes down.
  • Does the Gates Foundation want to control population rather then provide birth control?
  • What is ID 2020?
  • Vaccination records can be used for ID – financial transactions.
  • We need the coronavirus vaccine to go back to normal
  • We also need digital certificates to prove who is recovered from Covid-19 (immunity passport)
  • How do we give billions of Indians an ID? (Bill supports Indian entrepreneur)
  • What is ID 4D? (Australia a partner at The World Banks suggestion)
  • ID 4D is a human right!
  • An ID proves who we are not just for buying but health, tax etc (for digital transactions)
  • Without the digital ID you cannot transact
  • Move away from a shadow economy to more regulated system
  • All of the transactions will form a foot print for the credit market to know applicants history to make more money available to entrepreneurs
  • Gates is intimately involved with the digitisation of the Indian economy.
  • This can be integrated into tracking individuals movements.
  • It appears to be all about control not convenience.

Who is Bill Gates?

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