surprise! you have been lied to!

Naïve and loyal subjects routinely still repeat the exponential mantra they’ve been sold, and think that any “flattening of the curve” is evidence of lockdown. Time to put a telegraph pole sized stake through the heart of these lies that just won’t quit. No, there has not been one instance of the virus in the world that satisfies the Gates-Johnson-Ferguson “exponential” myth, and no, EVERY viral propagation demonstrates “flattening” (curlover in our terminology) from day one.

Reducing growth rate isn’t evidence of lockdown: it’s an intrinsic feature of a humped curve, eg: a normal distribution which uninterfered with viral propagation defaults to. Loyal subjects are defending governments which have lied to them from the very beginning, and they do so based on poor logic and ignorance. We cannot resolve their compulsion to defend people who have taken their liberty, livelihoods and destroyed our economies, but we can take viewers on a world tour to see just how universal humped curves, and the complete absence of that mythical creature: an exponential virus.

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