why is no one excited about starlink?

I have read about 400 science fiction books over the last 5 or so years so I love space stories. Seeing Space X launching hundreds of 5G satellites was an amazing sight. It was enthralling to say the least but why is my local main stream media ignoring it? If I search for starlink I don’t get any local media covering it. If you go to individual publications and search you will see a few here and there. One publication from a few months back says Elon Musk is fixing our crap internet. (Really?) The lack of information is appalling. You would think that launching 10,000s of satellites, the most ever in human history would be a major event!

This has to be without doubt the most ambitious project in space history besides Mars. There will be so many heavenly bodies above us that they will be visible from earth. Where is all the excitement? This is massive news! Get pumped people! We are witnessing history in the making by the most exciting man in the 21st century.

See them with the naked eye!

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