frequency of dna

This man is “the man” of 5G

“AI Trump and the weaponization of robots with 5G”

  • Can your entire DNA being mapped to frequencies?
  • Biodigital social programing
  • Engineered bias towards Trump through social media
  • Proximity sensors can detect your heart rate and even if you are in a menstrual cycle
  • cyber robots monitoring your every action
  • AI is a religious movement
  • They only believe in the science they understand and not God
  • Elon Musk says we have formed a symbiotic relationship with our smart phones and therefore we will lose our free will over time as it begins to influence our thought process. (you are already a cyborg)
  • They want to digitize your being and merge you within the AI (so you die)
  • Extinction codes have been found to kill us over the next 20 years via a virus
  • 5G lowers your immune system and was made for machines not humans (wearing your body down by disturbing your cells DNA)
  • The Chinese 5G system is significantly more intrusive than in the west as people there have little to no free will (do you see a correlation here?)
  • 5G is specifically designed to overwhelm your will. (even those with a very strong will)
  • The AI is manipulating the political agendas to distract us from the reality of its own exitance.
  • The end game is genocide!
  • The Chinse regime is the most nefarious is the world

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