California is saying that the number of people dying are the same as the seasonal flu each year in the US. Approximately 39% of people in NY state have been tested already and the figures don’t add up to the hysteria. Listen to this Dr speak in a press conference.

“Millions of cases small amount of death”

100, 000s of death predicted even with social distancing and the predictive models are way off.

“Millions of cases very small amount of death.”

  • Child molestations have gone up
  • spousal abuse.
  • Alcoholism
  • Anxiety
  • depression
  • Suicide is spiking

These things will affect people for a lifetime not just a season

24-62 thousand deaths from the flu or 0.13% in the USA each year. The lethality of Covid-19 is less overall than the flu based on the science.

Following the science

This is the only interview video that could be found now.

Death certificate faked? Dr coached to say Covid-19 is cause of death?

Follow up interview

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