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Non-Transparent Statistics in Mathematical Models used to Destroy the Economy

By Judy Wilyman PhD

On the 13 April 2020 the US Surgeon-General, Jerome Adams, who advises the US government on its COVID19 Policy, dumped the GATES/CDC/WHO ‘Predictive Contagion Model‘ (13 April 2020) that was used to predict the ‘global pandemic’. When doing this he said: “models are predictions when you do not have real data”  (at 13.25 mins). This model used generic and false scientific assumptions about viruses to predict a ‘global’ pandemic in countries that have very different environmental and lifestyle conditions, and different medical protocols.

The US Surgeon-General states: “they (these predictions) were people’s best guesses and/or informed by experiences in different cultures in very different places“(at 13.25 mins). This is why a mathematical model using the same criteria for all countries cannot predict a ‘global pandemic of a disease’ and cannot be used to predict a pandemic in any specific country like Australia.

These models wildly exaggerated the deaths to a new mutated influenza virus based on hypothetical data. It is possible the data was collected from countries, such as China and Italy, that have very different environmental conditions to Australia and that both had mandatory flu vaccination programs in place and poor environmental conditions prior to the so called ‘pandemic’ of this new ‘influenza’ disease – COVID19.

On 25 February 2020, Professor Raina MacIntyre, Head of the Australian Biosecurity Program, predicted that “260,000 – 390,000 people would die” from this virus in Australia. This was before she had any knowledge of how transmissible or pathogenic this virus would be in the Australian community.

Did you know that viruses are not pathogenic (disease causing) in most healthy people (99%) in developed countries with good public health conditions? Remember we are exposed to new mutated influenza viruses every year and in most cases they result in asymptomatic or mild self-limiting disease in ~99% of the healthy population. This is why Professor Raina MacIntyre’s prediction of the number of deaths was flawed.

The suggestion that you can predict a ‘global pandemic’ based on a generalised mathematical model is not based on the science of how viruses cause disease in the community. The ‘Predictive Contagion Model’ used by the Gates/CDC/WHO medical-industry complex was flawed because it was not based on scientific evidence.

On the 29 April 2020 this false science was described by Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD in her interview discussing Dr. Fauci’s Darkest Secret  and his suppression of scientific research that does not support the medical-industry agenda and the promotion of vaccines.

In Australia, the media uses medical-industry scientists and commentators, such as Peter Doherty, Norman Swan (Australian Skeptics industry-lobby group) and Karl Kruszelnicki (Australian Skeptics industry-lobby group) to promote the corporate message of the need for multiple vaccines and for serology tests for healthy people to participate in society.

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is currently stating that he will not end the lockdown until more people down load the app that will trace our contacts.

This population control is occurring because of a re-classification of diseases in 2020 that enables “flu-like symptoms” to be classified as the disease “COVID-19”. Many of the ‘cases’ of this new disease are being labelled from a clinical diagnosis (symptoms only) not from laboratory confirmation of the new virus.

All of the deaths from COVID19 have co-morbidity and may have other influenza viruses present, but if coronavirus (generic) is present then this is listed as the main cause of death – not the cancer, lung edema, heart disease, or other underlying health issues that would have been listed in previous years.

Are Social Distancing and Lockdowns of the Healthy Population Good Precautionary Measures?  

Did you know that Australia became the first country to declare COVID19 a disease of pandemic potential on 21 January 2020 when there were no cases of this disease in Australia? And when there was no knowledge of how transmissible or pathogenic this virus would be in Australian conditions.

The extreme measures, that were introduced without any knowledge of this virus in Australia, are not “good precautionary measures” as the Australian government is claiming because the government has introduced – social distancing, mandatory vaccination, mandatory medical testing and apps to trace our contacts and pass laws – in the healthy population and these measures are not proportionate to the risk of this new virus in our country.

Measures can be stepped up when the actual risk of a virus is assessed and many countries have not used social distancing and lockdowns of the healthy population to control this virus.

This new influenza virus – Novel 2019 Coronavirus (also known as SARSCov2) – was downgraded as a ‘High Consequence Infectious Disease’ by 19 March 2020. 

The environmental context of 1918 does not exist in 2020 so it is unlikely that any new mutated influenza virus would cause a pandemic because viruses do not cause disease on their own. They need certain environmental factors such as poor hygiene or toxins to be present in order to be pathogenic (disease causing).

Did you know that the soldiers in 1918 were also given the typhoid vaccine prior to the Spanish flu outbreak? This was in addition to the extremely poor and unhygienic conditions during the war that involved the mass movement of people.

The Gates/CDC/WHO (medical-industry complex) concerns about a ‘global pandemic’ in 2020 are flawed (and orchestrated to sell vaccines) because they are not based on the science of how viruses cause disease in humans.

The Australian government obtained Emergency Powers for a ‘pandemic of a disease’ in Australia on 21 January 2020 without any scientific evidence of the transmission of this virus in Australian conditions. They also called it before the World Health Organisation had used a flawed mathematical Predictive Contagion model to claim it would cause a ‘global pandemic’. This decision was made on 11 March 2020.

Implementing lockdown measures and social distancing in the healthy population is not a precautionary measure to take when there is no real data suggesting that this virus would be a threat in Australia. Australians are exposed to new mutated influenza viruses every year.

Are we going to observe an increase in deaths and illnesses to “flu-like illnesses” (that is, “COVID19” after the mandatory flu vaccination campaign that is occurring in Australia on 1 May 2020?

Here is a liability form that can be used to refuse vaccines that are being forced upon you by employers, schools, and institutions. Please also visit the Know Your Rights website and the Australian Vaccination Network for further information on refusing vaccinations and unnecessary serology tests for healthy people to participate in Australian society.


that pesky truth keeps getting in the way!

MELBOURNE – Coronavirus conspiracy theories are hampering frantic efforts to contain a steep spike in cases around the city of Melbourne, where more than 10,000 people have refused testing, (If you have no symptoms why get tested – that is pseudo science – “a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method“) Australian health authorities warned Friday.

Melbourne Suburban Lockdown Preparations
Suburbs affected – totalitarianism preview coming to a state near you!

Health officials in the southern state of Victoria pled with the public to get themselves tested for COVID-19 and to ignore disinformation propagating online. (Scientific information from Doctors and qualified researchers – positive result does not mean you have it – use some science please?)

Having dodged the worst ravages of the pandemic (100 deaths? It has a .26 death rate and most of those are over 70) and eased most lockdown restrictions, (pseudo science) Australia is now struggling to contain several clusters around its second-biggest city that are delivering dozens of new cases each day. (testing positive for an anti-body not a virus)

“Disappointingly however we have had more than 10,000 people who have refused to be tested, (intelligent people) ” health minister Jenny Mikakos said.

Officials were still analysing the reasons given for refusing testing, but Mikakos said: “The report that I have received is that some people believe that coronavirus is a conspiracy, or that it won’t impact on them.” (covid-19 has never been isolated – please show us the papers – ohh they all failed to find the virus)

Describing the trend as “concerning” she said, “What I want to stress here is that coronavirus is a very contagious virus. (not based on statistics and the CDC so this in an untruth) It can go through your family very quickly.”

She said a “testing blitz” was vital to trace, track and ultimately check the spread of the disease. (pseudo science)

In the last week, 160,000 tests have been carried out in the area and almost 100,000 doors have been knocked on, she said.

Throughout the pandemic, falsehoods have spread quickly online across the world. (have you actually read the research?)

One prominent Australian conspiracy theorist, with 250,000 followers on Instagram alone, has made false claims about “contaminated test kits“, (yes this is a fact – test sent from China were found to be faulty) while denying the pandemic exists. (According to The WHO it is not a pandemic)

Similarly, AFP fact-checkers have debunked several spurious claims that testing is an excuse to implant Bill Gates-funded “microchips” or that tests do not work. (tests are very inaccurate and Bill Gates is behind a world wide push for a Covid-19 vaccine so this statement is in fact blatantly wrong)

Amid the deluge of disinformation, residents expressed deep unease about the impact of reinstated lockdowns. (form of torture)

More than 300,000 people have been forced back into lockdown around Melbourne until July 29. (against their rights and unlawful)

Source of this utter and complete garbage is AP – they should be ashamed at such poor quality journalism! But they are probably sold out.v

Melbourne Lockdown Coming Back as Cases Surge - Melbourne ...
This guy has possible ties to China and would make a wonderful dictator

the possible dream

My dream is to get 14 billion doses of the vaccine and just immediately open access to it for everyone,” 

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
And to run where the brave dare not go

What a great and noble cause. We hail you Gill. It’s a pity people are saying such terrible things about all of your efforts with Covid-19, Africa and India. We think that eugenics is the greatest vehicle of making this great planet sustainable and a better place for our kids.

Unfortunately those Luciferians just don’t appreciate what an asset you are. Please tell Daniel that you should be promoted for all of your efforts.

Second wave propaganda

You should read the post about torture just yesterday. What is being done in Australia now amounts to psychological manipulation and torture according to this particular post and the attached document.

Quotes today as some examples

The world after COVID-19 would be “poorer, more dangerous and more disorderly”, Scott Morrison warned.

Fifty Woolworths staff have been forced to self-isolate after a Sydney worker tested positive for coronavirus.

Australia Thought the Virus Was Under Control. It Found a Vulnerable Spot.

The authorities have locked down 300,000 people in areas around Melbourne heavily populated by immigrants, reinforcing the coronavirus’s outsized impact on disadvantaged communities – NY Times

Two men, who both spent two weeks in hotel quarantine in Melbourne, tested positive for coronavirus after returning home to New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

More than 1000 police including elite units will roam the streets of locked-down suburbs and drones will be deployed as the state battles to control rising COVID-19 cases.

A research program testing for coronavirus in Canberra’s sewerage system has found no traces of COVID-19.

The findings support the belief there have been no instances of community transmission in the ACT that may have gone undetected.

Passengers from Melbourne will face a security blitz at Sydney Airport after at least five travellers from Victoria’s coronavirus hotspots were detected after flying in on Thursday.

Tokyo has confirmed 107 new coronavirus infections, the highest daily tally in two months in the city at the centre of Japan’s outbreak, according to government officials.

Meanwhile, global tourism revenues are expected to fall by up to $US3.3 trillion due to COVID-19 restrictions, with the United States standing to lose the most.

After a week full of COVID-19 drama, a fresh scare has gone through the AFL with the league informed today of a Marvel Stadium security contractor who had tested positive.

who is involved in 5G safey?

You guessed it – the documented, incompetent and corrupt, The WHO (are being questioned by African countries – remember bribery allegations by Gill – just search this site or duckduckgo)

Conflicts of Interest in the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

A new investigative 98-page report from two members of European Parliament on conflicts of Interest of International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection has been released.

Again with 5G rolling out in Australia with the public basically indoctrinated to feel safe the local authority research is lead by someone completely unqualified and their references rare to committees not published and peer reviewed research of which there are more than 10000.

never proven